As the Helsinki 2017 world championship approaches (get your ticket!), I thought it would be cool to analyze historical data about past competitions to get a closer picture of the event.

For a couple of months, I tried to find data regarding junior and women’s categories, all placings and points from every year, club, and country.
I contacted several AGG sources asking if such database is available, but luck wasn’t on my side.

I did find, however, the first three women’s placings of most years in the AGG federation site and in an anonym blog post. Please beware that I ignore if the data is 100% correct or not. Also, If you see that I made any mistake with the analysis, just let me know and I will correct it.

I put together a map and a simple table (better if you are on your desktop computer than on your phone):

First of all, click the double arrow on the bottom right corner to make it full screen. In the first page, you can see where the event took place every year. If you choose a particular year on the selector to the left, the map will show the place where the competition was held that year.

– Finland has previously held this competition 3 times. The first ever world championship in Helsinki 2000, Tampere 2006 and Lahti 2013.
– No country has held the event more times than Finland.
– Only one time has the competition been celebrated overseas: In 2008 in Toronto, Canada.

In the second page, you can see the full dataset:
– Finland has more golds than all the other gold medal countries combined, with a total of 9. Russia has 6 golds and Estonia 2. Only these 3 countries have ever won a gold medal.
– Russia has the most medals overall, with 19. Finland has a total of 16, Bulgaria 9 and Estonia 8. Only these 4 countries have won a medal of any kind.
– Russia has the longest winning streak of the competition with team Madonna. They won 4 consecutive golds, from 2011 to 2014.

Although A.G.G. is expanding in other areas of the world, it remains a sport dominated by Northern and Eastern-European countries.
Next month in Helsinki we have the chance to watch the best of the best. If you live in Helsinki, don’t miss out: It may take another 17 years before the World Championship comes back to the city.


Sergio Navadijo

Sergio Navadijo


Sergio Navadijo is a physical preparation expert and owner of Entrena. He has a university background in Sports Science and a proven track record of success with athletes over the last decade. He works with gymnasts of all levels that want to get stronger and stay away from injuries. Contact him to get help achieving your goals.

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