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Team Gloria Junior has a clear goal this season: To classify for the Helsinki 2017 world championships.

My role with the team is even clearer: get them to jump higher, get them stronger and reduce injuries.

Regardless of the sport and level, strength training basics need to be done consistently.

In Finland, I use similar methods in other sports, for example in basketball (watch here) and years ago in Aerobic Gymnastics (watch here).

There are only two ways that will help you with jumping power:
Putting more force into the ground.
Applying force quicker.

That’s it.

There are other elements like jump strategy and technique, but those tend to take care of themselves with practice.

To apply force quicker, there are different jumping and power exercises that I do with Gloria Jr.

Developing stiffness and something called “rate of force development” is important (a blog post for another day), but even if your team only trains gymnastic specific jumps, you are already training for quick force application.

The meat and potatoes of jumping relies on the first element: putting more force into the ground.

This is when strength training comes in.
Simply getting stronger in squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts both with one and two legs will increase your jumps.

This will have a tremendous effect in AGG, where girls are completely untrained regarding strength.

Most of the improvements with Gloria Jr. came during the first five months.

Now, my goal is to maintain their lower body strength and slightly increase upper body strength to facilitate stability during lifts.
Some people have asked me on social media about the exact numbers: 1 year ago jumps where between 26cm and 31cm, and now they range from 36cm to 44cm.
Watch before and after jumps:

To prevent injuries, glute strength is always a must, as is exercise selection: training the muscles without stressing areas like the front of the hip and the low back.

A gymnast body can be pushed a lot regarding strength, but only if we understand where the trouble spots are and how to not add to that stress inside the gym.

-This is what works for us, but It’s not the only way.
-We apply the basics of power development. If you know them, you can do it too.
-We paid attention to good form and proper exercise selection. Not all exercises are valid for all girls, anatomy and injury history needs to be respected.
-We were consistent with the training: 90% of “the secret” is to keep showing up without excuses.
-They work extremely hard and are very motivated. This is highly valuable, as it makes the coaches and me give our best and look forward to every training.
-The team has the privilege of having the help of Fysionova, who has a lot of experience in AGG. They play a vital role in keeping girls ready to compete and not on the sidelines complaining about back pain. Don’t wait and pay them a visit.

What you see in the Instagram videos is what we do. If you want to watch our training and have a chat, just drop me an email.
Everything we do is open for anyone interested, and I am more than happy to learn from what other coaches are doing and to help other teams if I can.

Sergio Navadijo

Sergio Navadijo


Sergio Navadijo is a physical preparation expert and owner of Entrena. He has a university background in Sports Science and a proven track record of success with athletes over the last decade. He works with gymnasts of all levels that want to get stronger and stay away from injuries. Contact him to get help achieving your goals.

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